Assistant Manager - Cyber Security Defensive Operation

Singapore, Singapore

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

Focus local profile search on the following as threat hunting/threat intelligence experience is mandatory:

  • Experience with Threat Hunting techniques (endpoint and network data)
  • Strong understanding of attack lifecycle and common attack vectors, tools and techniques
  • Ability to leverage existing data to identify anomalies / IOA / TTP
  • Ability to develop / maintain detection/prevention use cases
  • SIEM (Splunk ES) and EDR (CrowdStrike) experiences
  • Strong report writing and communication skills
  • Nice to have:
  • Experiences in leveraging AI / ML for Threat Hunting
  • Experience with OT / ICS and Cloud environments
  • Experience working with threat intelligence platforms and premium intelligence sources/feeds

Job Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct technical analysis and triaging of triggering alerts ingested from Mercedes-Benz log sources to determine impact, scope of impact and determine corresponding remedial actions to mitigate, contain and/or otherwise limit the impact of the incident
  • Analyzing, triaging and processing security threats to identify potential risk gaps and corresponding organizational impact by conducting in-depth analysis of the identified threat, attack vector or intelligence information
  • Working closely with the CIRC threat intelligence team to aid in the enhancement of contextual analysis and providing threat hunting support towards Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) related Indicators of Compromise (IoCs)
  • Acting as a point of contact towards Mercedes-Benz end users and stakeholders in providing cybersecurity incidents updates and other related activities that might arise from time to time during the incident coordination, remediation and recovery
  • Provide duty analyst support for the CIRC operations during weekends, utilizing a pre-defined duty roaster, ensuring the continued operations and monitoring of threats and triggering alerts 24 by 7, follow the sun model
  • Provide project coordination support to assigned projects by the Head of Global Defensive operations towards the roll out, implementation and acting as the point of contact for local stakeholders towards the implementation and coordination of the projects assigned

Assistant Manager - Cyber Security Defensive Operation

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Assistant Manager - Cyber Security Defensive Operation

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