Assistant Manager, DevOps Engineer

Singapore, Singapore

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Experience with implementing cloud solutions on a large scale.
  • Experience in handling container environments.
  • Solid skills in a high level programming language (e.g. Python, TypeScript)
  • Extensive knowledge of CI/CD and concepts like immutable infrastructure
  • Extensive experience with infrastructure as code through tools like Terraform, CloudFormation etc.
  • Security knowledge is a Plus
  • Understanding cloud best practices in areas of security, governance, compliance, access management and networking
  • Experience with Cloud Architecture Design on large multi-account environments
  • Any Cloud Certification is a Plus
  • You have an open mindset that shows learning agility

Job Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Design, implement and support the AWS environments in mission critical production and non production environments.
  • Automate using Infrastructure as Code principles and tools (e.g. Python, Terraform, GitLab).
  • Maintain the AWS cloud accounts and environments largely focussed on containers and microservices.
  • Create standardized building blocks in the form of a Terraform or CloudFormation module delivered by a DevSecOps pipeline.
  • Present, demo and document solutions and services for stakeholders.
  • Lead DevOps team for ensuring the environment is stable, secure and scalable.

Assistant Manager, DevOps Engineer

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Assistant Manager, DevOps Engineer

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