Business Analyst

Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Description:

  • Lead the workshop/business requirement to detailing user stories and mapping with Salesforce platform
  • Create Project document for deliverable:
  • Functional Design Document
  • System Internal Testing (SIT) document
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) document
  • Training User Manual Guide document
  • Data Migration Schema & Data Cutover Strategy document
  • Create Business Field Logic, Approval/Workflow Matrix, Reporting UI/UX, Notification template email
  • Help define User KPI for each persona
  • Setup Configuration Basic Salesforce Platfrom (User Profile, Security, Structure Organization, Standard Object/Field, Workflow dan Reporting)


  • Have 1-2 years experience working in Banking Industry and handle of some business applications (such call center system, sales incentive and forecasting, digital marketing segment and personalization)
  • Understand how Banking do Customer Profiling/Segmentation
  • Understand how to create flowchart business process and matrix hierarchy
  • Understand how to run script using test tools like 

Business Analyst

Job description

Business Analyst

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