Cyber Security Analyst

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Cyber Security Analyst

The Cyber Security Analyst will represent his/her department towards the Business Units and project teams and will assure a determining role in the management, support, maintenance, implementation, administration and lifecycle management of Network Security platforms.

Cyber Security Analyst is responsible for the provisioning, deployment, configuration, and administration of many different pieces of network and security-related hardware and software. These include firewalls, routers, switches, various network-monitoring tools, and virtual private networks (VPNs). These engineers are a company’s first line of defense against unauthorized access from outside sources and potential security threats. Not only does a network security engineer know how to mitigate any potential threats that become evident, but they also know how to strategize and prepare before any security threat is enacted.


● Detect ,Analyze and qualify cyber security incidents & threat

● Identify source , target of attack and block access to existing target, applications and infrastructure


● Guide ISS Team, for workstation, servers and Network to implement secure solutions

● Follow and manage Cyber Security incident Dashboard

● Insure a close coordination with CISO team for user awareness campaign, define high level security

policy and build KPI Dashboard

● Participate in CyberSecurity Attack Crisis, war room and remediation

● Assist with the implementation of security systems including review of logs and reports from various tools

such as firewall, IDS/IPS, NGAV, SIEM, EDR and event log monitoring.

● Manage and run cyber security solutions & tools

● Have a permanent cyber security watch, for malware, web based attacks, injections attacks, phishing...

● Manage documentation

● Work in a Global Cyber Security Team, not only for one region but for all

● Build and maintain Dashboard and KPI


● Testing for Network Vulnerabilities

● Prepare Reports

● Produce Documentation

● Create Network Security Policies


Technical skills :

● High Capacity to analyze complex situations

● IT Security / Cybersecurity certifications a plus.

● Capacity to run and operate solutions like Palo Alto firewalls, cortex XDR, XSOA, Splunk, AD audit+, AV

● Language : English (mandatory)

● Good knowledge of the solutions on the market is also a plus

Soft skills :

● Capacity to communicate and manage interaction in a global Team (interpersonal savvy)

● Results and customer oriented

● High capacity to work in a sometimes stressful environment and under pressure

● Confidentiality and loyalty

● Ability to work flexible work schedule; ie. weekends and evenings where requested

● Has interest for innovation and self learning in his/her security domain


● At least 2 years in handling SOC cases using SIEM platforms & log management systems

● Knowledge in the current tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) being used to breach an enterprise

● Must be available to work on-call or off hours as needed to sustain operations

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Cyber Security Analyst

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Cyber Security Analyst

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