SAP SD Consultant

Jakarta, Indonesia

Key Responsibilities:


 To cover below scope:

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Delivery
  • Sales Billing (Provisional Invoice)
  • Sales Debit & Credit
  • Return Processing
  • Sales Analytics
  • Customer Master

 Apply SAP Best Practice:

  • I9I : Sales Contract Management
  • 2EQ/2ET/BD9 : Sales of Service/Non-Stock/Stock material processing
  • BKJ : Sales Order Processing with Customer Down Payment
  • BKK : Sales Order Fulfillment Monitoring and Operations
  • 1EZ (/BKL) : Credit Memo Processing
  • 1F1 (/BDQ) Debit Memo Processing
  • BKP : Return Processing
  • 1Z6 : External Billing
  • BKN : Order to Cash Monitoring


  • SAP SD sales order will be used for the supply chain process for the equipment eg broadband modem. Once Subscription order gets saved in BRIM, it will automatically create a sales order in SD.
  • Sales order will be then go for delivery. Once delivery done it will send update to BRIM for the billing.


  • SAP SD Invoicing for subscription process.

SAP SD Consultant

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SAP SD Consultant

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