Sr. RPA Developer

Alabang, Philippines (Hybrid)

Sr. RPA Developer

As a Senior RPA Developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing robotic process automation solutions to optimize and streamline business processes. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to analyze processes, identify automation opportunities, and deliver high quality RPA solutions. This role requires a strong understanding of business processes and excellent programming skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Process Analysis and Automation Design

* Collaborate with business and stakeholders to analyze existing business processes and identify areas for 


* Design and document RPA solutions based on the analysis, ensuring alignment with business goals and 


* RPA Development

* Develop and implement robotic process automation solutions using industry-leading RPA tools and 


* Write, test, and maintain efficient and scalable automation scripts.

* Collaborate with the development team to integrate RPA solutions with existing systems and applications.

* Quality Assurance and Testing

* Conduct thorough testing of RPA solutions to ensure accuracy, reliability, and performance.

* Troubleshoot and resolve issues during the development and testing phases.

* Nurture a culture of team excellence with openness, transparency, close collaboration, and a willingness to learn.

* Ensure client stakeholders are managed effectively & updated on progress, with risks and issues managed.

* Maintains and updates daily monitoring of service deliverables;

* Prepares and submits needed reports;

* Ensure continuity of providing service by flexibly adjusting to help other team members.

* Expand knowledge on business process and IT related information;

* Stay abreast of the latest in robotics automation, chatbots and other technologies of process automation and share best practices;

* Extends help or conducts training to Analyst/Programmers in giving technical expertise or know-how to other team members.

* Performance of other tasks as may be assigned.

Core Qualifications and Education

* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.

* 4-6 years of relevant experience in software development, automation, or a related field.

* 2-4 years of hands-on experience specifically in RPA development.

* Strong expertise in designing and implementing UIPath automation solutions, including workflow development, exception handling, and data manipulation.

* Previous experiences with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or document understanding.

* Solid understanding of software development methodologies and best practices.

* Preferred to have UiPath Certification

* Good knowledge of AI/ML concepts, including natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and predictive analytics is a plus

* Having a good understanding about AI/ML algorithms and integrating them with RPA workflows is a plus.

* Willing to learn new patterns and technologies.

* Strong English communication skills.

* Strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills

* Ability to document and explain technical details clearly and concise

Apply now and contribute to shaping the future of our company's RPA Developers while working in a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Sr. RPA Developer

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Sr. RPA Developer

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