Systems Analyst

Manila, Philippines

Job Description:

  • Proficient in interpreting and composing User Stories and functional requirements, with the ability to translate them into comprehensive technical designs for development projects.

  • Identify, understand, and plan for organizational and user impacts of planned systems, ensuring seamless integration of new technical requirements with existing processes.

  • Demonstrate strong communication skills through the composition of original business letters, detailed business specifications, recommendations, reports, internal policies, and presentations to management.

  • Review, evaluate, and document existing programs or systems, offering recommendations for integrating interacting systems across university and functional lines.

  • Analyze system problems, including thorough examination of system documentation and production output, to identify solutions and make appropriate referrals.

  • Conduct detailed analysis, design, and formulation of programming specifications, utilizing a logical problem-solving approach (process flow, systems models, diagrams, and charts) to provide clear direction to system developers and engineers.

  • Exhibit strong leadership and consulting skills, along with reasoning, interpersonal, analytical, and organizational abilities.

  • Supervise or directly work with lower-level technical staff, providing guidance and support.

  • Collaborate with other data processing personnel to resolve issues related to program intent, input/output requirements, and other procedural and technical matters.

  • Validate and respond to questions, offering technical assistance and/or training to system users.


  • Bachelor's Degree or 4-year course graduate in computer science, information technology, math, statistics, or related fields.
  • 2 years of relevant experience for Junior Level, 4-7 years for Mid level and 8 + years for Senior Level.
  • Intermediate knowledge and skills in .NET Core Technologies (C#, MVC, API).
  • Capable of working with minimal supervision.

Systems Analyst

Job description

Systems Analyst

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